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Do you have an idea for how to improve the PlayStation experience? If so, Share it! PlayStation.Blog Share is a place to formally submit your best ideas on how we can improve all PlayStation products. It’s also a place where you can discover and vote on other people’s ideas, as well as communicate with us and other PlayStation fans about how to bring great ideas to life. You can only submit one idea per week. Make it count! Click here to see how.


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Submission FAQ (Updated 05/20/2014)

Q: Why isn't my idea submission showing up?
A: All Share idea submissions are first approved by a human operator before they enter the public database. Most likely, your idea submission duplicates or closely resembles a previously approved idea. In that case, vote for the original idea and note any fine distinctions in the comments section. We're also less likely to publish ideas which are particularly unrealistic or unlikely.

Q: Why aren’t you taking submissions on PS3, PSP, etc?
A: We’ve collated submissions on these topics for nearly four years; with the launch of PS Vita and PS4, we’re focusing the discussion on the future of PlayStation’s products. If you’d like to revisit previously submitted ideas, please visit the archive here.

Q: Does PlayStation read the ideas on Share?
A: Yes! Share is an important internal resource for SCEA.

Q: Why don't you hurry up and implement my idea already?
A: Remember that Share is not intended to be a "to-do" list for PlayStation. Rather, it's a public resource and reference point that helps internal SCEA employees survey interest and trends across various topics both large and small. If you feel that your idea deserves attention, the best thing you can do is encourage other users to vote for it and leave comments.

Q: Have you ever actually implemented an idea from Share?
A: While we don't publicly disclose internal decision-making processes, Share continually tracks "Ideas in Action" - see the current numbers in action in the “Share Community Stats” listed to the right of the page.

Ability to change User ID

Idea 73415 | Posted in , by | May 20, 2014

PS4 needs an update to add the ability to change User ID for $5.

DualShock 4 compatibility for PS Vita Remote Play

Idea 73283 | Posted in , by | May 20, 2014

Please make the next PS Vita update sync with DualShock 4 so I can use it on the road rather than when I am home. You would make a big impact doing this on sales

Convert sub account to master account

Idea 71361 | Posted in by | May 20, 2014

It would be great to provide a way to convert a sub account to a master account when the user of the sub account turns 18.

Enhance PS4 media support

Idea 71374 | Posted in by | May 20, 2014

The PS4 has amazing hardware. What it lacks is media friendly software. At a minimum we need what the PS3 had (Photos, Music (MP3/CD), Videos (MP4/AVI)). Ideally we’d get 4K-HEVC/MKV/ FLAC support.

PS4 notifications for friends sign-on/offs

Idea 73240 | Posted in by | May 20, 2014

The PS4 needs to have what the PS3 had with the notifications of people signing on and off. At least add it as an option for those who do not want this.