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How-To: Submit an Idea

If you’re reading this it probably means that you’re interested in a quick how-to on submitting an idea to PlayStation.Blog Share. It’s a relatively easy process, but if you’re more of a visual person take a look below.

Before you get started, the first thing you’ll absolutely need to do is login with your PSN ID. After you’ve done that, do us a favor and check out our participation policy. By submitting ideas, just like comments on the blog, you’re agreeing to everything stated on that page. You can find it right beneath the big green button. Feel free to check out our FAQ while you’re at it if you have any lingering questions about Share, or come back to it later.

The last step is to click through to the idea submission form.

PlayStation.Blog Share Homepage-1

This is what you’ll see when you get there. You’ll want to start the process within Step 1. Please take the time to seek out possible duplicates to the idea you’re planning to submit. Keep in mind that there are a lot of like-minded gamers out there and we want to make sure you don’t have to do more work than is necessary.

If your search generates an idea, click through to voice your opinion and vote!

Search For Duplicates-2

If your search does not produce a pre-existing idea, it’s time to progress through the submission form. The form itself is fairly straight-forward. We’re asking you to provide a few key items: a main category (e.g. PS3, Software, or even PlayStation.Blog), a title for your idea (be descriptive but mindful of the character limit!), and, of course, your big idea (character count). But, make it count. For the time being we’re limiting idea submissions to one per user per day.

Submit Original Idea-1

Remember, once you submit an idea it will be placed in a queue for moderation. During normal work hours, if your idea is approved it should appear fairly quickly. Ideas submitted over the weekend or a holiday will be held in moderation for a bit longer.