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DualShock 4 Flashing Low Battery Indicator

Idea 75235 | Posted in , by | July 26, 2014

For me it is not that intuitive to know when the controller’s baterry is going to die. I think if the controller light starts to flash then I could connect it and continue playing.

PS4 Show Current Disc

Idea 74490 | Posted in , by | July 26, 2014

Make an app box after whats new that pops up to show the game disc currently in the disc drive.(Like on ps3 where there was a spot your disc would show up)

Disable Key Tones During PS4 Media Playback

Idea 74460 | Posted in , by | July 26, 2014

Key tones are really annoying if you’re navigating menus while music is playing. It would be great to disable key tones temporarily when music is playing

More Voice Commands

Idea 75261 | Posted in , , by | July 26, 2014

Add over 100 more commands Example “playstation on” while watching a movie “rewind,pause,play” no need to keep turning on controller and saves battery. Also, make it so you can use commands such as up, down,left, right,square and so on to make it so you do not need to yous the controller on till you start a game you even then could control netflix

PS Vita Content Manager for PS4

Idea 75259 | Posted in , by | July 25, 2014

I want to be able to sync saved Vita games to the PS4 or cloud for safe keeping. Also want to be able to transfer videos & pics from the PS4 to the Vita much like the Ps3 is able to now.

Add Hebrew support to PS4

Idea 75286 | Posted in , by | July 25, 2014

I recently purchased the PS4 and was disappointed when I saw that instead of Hebrew letters all I see is this: ☐, so I ask PS4 to support the Hebrew keyboard [just to display the characters normally]

PS Button: View A/V Output Info

Idea 74421 | Posted in , by | July 23, 2014

To view video or audio output, we can simply press and hold the PS button on the controller and it will be displayed. Maybe even as detailed as frame rate and if it’s Dolby or DTS.

UDF Support for PS3, PS4 Firmware

Idea 74499 | Posted in , , by | June 20, 2014

PLEASE add support for mounting / reading UDF-formatted external devices to the PS3 & PS4. Linux, Windows, Macs, XBOXs all read UDF already.

Greek language and Keyboard Support

Idea 74452 | Posted in , by | June 20, 2014

Greek is extremely unique language in writing and being the oldest European language still in use.

64GB PS Vita Memory Card in North America

Idea 74441 | Posted in , , by | June 20, 2014

I would like to purchase a 64GB Vita memory card in North America, without having to import it. It would also be nice if there was a price drop on all Vita Memory Cards.

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