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Headset Output to both Headset and TV

Idea 76503 | Posted in , by | November 15, 2014

Allow PS4 users with Sony stereo headsets to output game and chat audio to both headset and TV at the same time for HDPVR users and those who are in the same room spectating.

DualShock 4 “Wired Mode”

Idea 76554 | Posted in , by | November 15, 2014

Allow Dualshock 4 to go into wired mode when plugged in via USB. Would make PS4 MLG compliant for events.

Allow Disabling of PS4 Eject Button

Idea 76586 | Posted in , by | November 15, 2014

People would no longer have their discs being ejected during a game. Instead of using the button on the console, you could go to your game on menu, press options and choose eject.

PS4 Video Recording Icon

Idea 76610 | Posted in , by | November 15, 2014

My idea would be to add a small icon on the screen or a light on the DUALSHOCK that is telling us that we are recording gameplay footage. Because there is no indication at the moment.

PS4 5Ghz Wifi Support

Idea 76601 | Posted in , by | November 15, 2014

Please add 5ghz channel wifi support. Thank you.

Magma Red DualShock 4 US Release

Idea 76596 | Posted in , by | November 15, 2014

Make it for the North America. Bring enhancements to it and future DS4. Twice the battery life. No tearing of the analog sticks.

DualShock 4 Vibrate On Command Option

Idea 76624 | Posted in , by | November 15, 2014

In a way to help find the controller when you can’t see the light (under sheets, furniture etc). Can be made into another voice command “playstation, vibrate.”

PS1 Grey PS4

Idea 76639 | Posted in , by | November 15, 2014

The Playstation one 20th anniversary is coming up, September 9, 2014. And I think it would be amazing if Sony paid homage to its original system by bringing back the gray color for a PS4.

PS4 Mandatory Login at Startup

Idea 76669 | Posted in , by | November 15, 2014

I would like to see that someone must sign into an existing profile before making a new user account. I live in a dorm and don’t want someone using my system and to discourage theft.

Project Morpheus ControlVR Support

Idea 74605 | Posted in , by | November 15, 2014

Recently Control VR announced itself on Kickstarter, and i think this would add to project morpheus in trying to create a more immersive experience.

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