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Ability to Change Notification Box Color

Idea 86121 | Posted in , by | August 25, 2016

Please give users the option to freely select the color of notification boxes or at least choose between the white color introduced in Firmware 4.00 and the original black color.

Allow Sub Accounts to Share and Stream

Idea 85728 | Posted in , , , , by | July 28, 2016

I would like to stream and upload videos to my YouTube account from PS4 but I can’t because I have a sub account. Please allow users with sub accounts to share their gameplay content on their social media channels.

Schedule PS4 Downloads

Idea 85634 | Posted in , , , by | July 21, 2016

Please incorporate a schedule feature for PS4 downloads. Some of us cannot afford to download large games and updates during peak hours and would like to set them to be downloaded during ISP’s free time.

Themed Settings For PlayStation VR Cinematic Mode

Idea 85654 | Posted in , , by | July 21, 2016

Allow users to experience Cinematic Mode in themed settings (space, prehistoric, old west, etc.) to maximize immersion and fun.

‘Sort By…’ Options for Trophy List

Idea 85495 | Posted in , by | July 14, 2016

Please give players the ability to order the games in our trophy list – Alphabetically, Recently Earned, Percentage Complete, etc. (and reverse options for all).

Allow Game-switching While Broadcasting

Idea 85540 | Posted in , by | July 14, 2016

Please allow us to switch games while broadcasting on the PS4 without out having to end our broadcast.

Pause Downloads While Playing Online

Idea 85348 | Posted in , , , by | July 6, 2016

Please allow users the option to automatically pause downloads while playing online games or modes for improved online performance in-game.

“Recently Purchased” sort option for PS4 Library.

Idea 84882 | Posted in , by | June 8, 2016

Currently, the library app only sort by “Name,” “Recently Used,” or “Install Date”. Being able to sort by “Purchase Date” would be useful in finding the newest games bought or used in the system.

Remove Betas, Demos, and Applications from Library

Idea 84901 | Posted in , by | June 8, 2016

Grant users the option to easily remove (or hide) demos and betas that are no longer active from our Libraries.

Translation in PlayStation messenger

Idea 84944 | Posted in , , , by | June 8, 2016

When sending messages on PlayStation, a translation option should be available. This enables users to be able to communicate with anyone anywhere any language quickly.

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