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Add PS Move compatibilty to all games and programs

Idea 63612 | Posted in , by | October 15, 2012

I like the PS Move a lot, but it’s such a shame it’s not everywhere on the PS3. Maybe combining the navigation and motion controller in one controller might do it!

solid state drive

Idea 63216 | Posted in by | September 20, 2012

PS3 needs an official solid state drive.

Free FaceBook and Twitter and MySpace App

Idea 63071 | Posted in , by | September 18, 2012

They should really create Apps for Ps3 (^_^)
And so much more (^_^)

R2/L2 Functioning Trigger Grip for PSVita

Idea 62997 | Posted in , by | September 18, 2012

Re-design the PDP Trigger Grip to create R2/L2 mechanism to touch the R2/L2 section on the touch pad on the Vita rather than using our fingers. Please check out the PS Vita forum to see my designs.

more soundtracks on audio CD’s

Idea 62703 | Posted in by | September 12, 2012

it would be nice to be able to buy more original scores from games like ME2 & Skyrim ect. on audio CD’s instead of just MP3′s. i still prefer CD’s over MP3′s.

Top three

Idea 62011 | Posted in by | September 6, 2012

could innovate by creating a new control with a different color, with keyboard built-in control. And wireless headset that is compatible with PS3.

Wireless Gaming Receiver

Idea 62009 | Posted in , by | September 6, 2012

My idea is being able to play a PS3 on any TV in the house using wireless component inputs. It would be much easier moving these inputs from TV to TV than to move my entire PS3 set-up. Thank You.

Listen in Sony 7.1 Headset, Listen on TV

Idea 61954 | Posted in , by | September 5, 2012

Would not it be nice if you could listen in Sony Headset 7.1, while your friends listen to the sound on the TV? I suggest an update that makes it possible. thank you

Haptic glove allows users to feel water cold, heat

Idea 62032 | Posted in , by | August 29, 2012

Glove that lets users feel wetness, maybe rain, heat from fireballs, cold from ice blasts. have a proof of concept for the haptic interface portion of the device and patenting it. PhD

audio/video adapter

Idea 62098 | Posted in , by | August 29, 2012

Playstation Vita to TV adapter, it would use the HDMI port on the TV and the extra plug on top of the Vita, the one next to the game cart port.

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