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1st party solution to pair DUALSHOCK 3 w/Android

Idea 63604 | Posted in , by | September 26, 2012

With the expansion of Playstation Mobile to more Android platforms, can we get a 1st party app for pairing a DS3 controller with an Android (Playstation Mobile approved or not) tablet or phone?

Left Hook

Idea 61968 | Posted in , by | September 5, 2012

Hey, I’d like to suggest PS3 controllers for lefties. I’m a right hand man but was thinking perhaps, southpaws would prefer one made specifically for them? Maybe do a trial run to gauge interest?

analogo tactil

Idea 62143 | Posted in , by | August 29, 2012

My idea came to me analogous tactile sensibility nooo adjustable screen but can regualr the sensitivity and touch would be easier to play

Littlebig Planet Karting controller

Idea 60308 | Posted in , by | August 20, 2012

A cool design of sackboy all over the controller and the buttons on the controller light up with a tiny switch on the back of the controller.

New DS3 color

Idea 60307 | Posted in , by | August 20, 2012

I would like to see the paisley pattern from bandannas on the DS3. All the traditional colors too.


Idea 60341 | Posted in , by | August 20, 2012

I would like to see the traditional black controller but it would have a yellow D-pad , start/select and analogs. And have a Yellow ps+ symbol on the back.

Sunburst-Controller, Fender Stratocaster-like

Idea 60336 | Posted in , by | August 20, 2012

Black colored outer rim, going over a red-brown finish ending with a yellow-brown finish in the center. To match the guitar design the knobs should be white…

Blueprint and ight up buttons

Idea 60328 | Posted in , by | August 20, 2012

the controller should be painted like a the blueprint of the controller itself. aslo the face buttons should light up in a range of colors.

Shadow of the Colossus Dualshock

Idea 60364 | Posted in , by | August 20, 2012

The PS Button would be the Colossi Sigil (that lights up blue of course). While the grips would have silhouettes of the first colossus on the right, and Wander riding Agro on the left.


Idea 60351 | Posted in , by | August 20, 2012

An Egyptian pharaoh theme! Matte blue bottom with metallic gold stripes & gold top with blue buttons, blue D-Pad, & blue analog sticks!. Maybe white analog sticks with black dots to imitate eyes.

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