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PS. GAME VOTE (similar to green light, steam)

Idea 63686 | Posted in by | October 15, 2012

new feature on gather games (no exclusives like mario) allow the community to vote for games to be on ps3,psvita, and ps mobile (coming soon). Any game

Rewarded for ideas

Idea 63625 | Posted in by | October 15, 2012

If playstation/Sony uses one of our ideas they should reward us with something like a gift card, game ect.

Sly Cooper 4 prequel comic

Idea 63283 | Posted in by | September 20, 2012

Continuing the standard set by the last two sequels for the PS2, why not have another prequel comic for Theives In Time?

”Timesplitters 4” Fan interest not high enough!?

Idea 63060 | Posted in by | September 18, 2012

Developers at crytek are trying to get fan interest and support up to 100k on their facebook page to get the title a kick start.
Should this game be made or should it stay in the past?

more characters for breaking down ideas

Idea 62696 | Posted in by | September 11, 2012

Increase the allowed characters limit for ideas here in the blog for both its title and description. I can’t really fully explain some of my ideas here cause not even half of one fits.

option for editing one’s posted comments

Idea 62697 | Posted in by | September 11, 2012

After posting a comment I can’t edit it later, there should be an option for that

xperia play 2

Idea 62741 | Posted in by | September 5, 2012

i think that sony should release a sequal to the xperia play. Think about one of the latest smartphones with the game capability of the new ps vita.

Fix the character count counter

Idea 62327 | Posted in by | September 4, 2012

Here on Blog Share, the character counter doesn’t work. It always says 200 remaining/50 remaining for the title.

Playstaion ASBR Character Ideas

Idea 62075 | Posted in by | August 29, 2012

I was thinking for this game it would be nice to have Alice From Madness Returns. She has some awesome moves that could be used in the battle royal universe that i think would be cool.

easy to use on PS3

Idea 61838 | Posted in by | August 24, 2012

putting a App on the XMB. just click on the P.B.S icon and you’re automatically logged in.

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