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Game-Specific Custom Button Assignments

Idea 79063 | Posted in , , , by | May 24, 2015

Button Assignment Behavior Settings where the BABS can automatically disable or enable itself when a specific (or all) game/application runs.

PS Now: Ability to fully purchase games

Idea 74702 | Posted in , , , by | May 24, 2015

My idea is that we should be able to fully purchase games on PS Now so that theyre available for endless streaming in addition to the original plan of renting the games for a set period of time.

LittleBigPlanet 3 Free to Play

Idea 78037 | Posted in , by | March 8, 2015

I heard about Sony believing in F2P. LittleBig Planet might be a good game to test the F2P market with.

PS4 Library Folders

Idea 78047 | Posted in , , by | March 8, 2015

There could be three folders in the Library. For example: My Shelf (For games you are currently playing), The Library (For all of your completed games) and The Vault (For all unwanted games that you dont want to play or demos and betas)

More PS4 Local Multiplayer Games

Idea 78080 | Posted in , by | March 8, 2015

Make the PS4 sociable again, there’s currently a poor effort around offering local multiplayer games for PS4.

Custom Buttons for Remote Play

Idea 78088 | Posted in , by | March 8, 2015

Use an app to personalize buttons for ANY game using Remote Play on PS Vita. 10 templates for touchscreen/panel layouts to be mapped to.

Star Citizen for PS4

Idea 78087 | Posted in , by | March 8, 2015

Get cloud imperium’s Star Citizen on Playstation 4

Hide Games from PS4 Menu

Idea 77680 | Posted in , by | February 16, 2015

I want to be able to hide games from the main menu and have them only appear in the library.

PlayStation All-Stars Definitive Edition

Idea 77745 | Posted in , by | February 16, 2015

DmC has a Definitive edition on PS4 where it has 60 FPS + 1080p + ALL DLCs and extra new modes, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale should get the same thing on PS4 while waiting for sequel to happen.

Ability to Suspend/Resume PS4 Games

Idea 77771 | Posted in , , , by | February 16, 2015

Ability to suspend games when you power down your PS4 and immediately resume the game from where you had left it off.

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