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New Tab for PS Blog Share “Implemented Ideas”

Idea 21638 | Posted in by | June 21, 2010

Currently there are two tabs, “Recent & Popular Ideas”. Add a third tab for implemented ideas. Ideas from from the PS Share Community that are officially real (Sly HD, Portal 2, Qore /w PSN+, etc)

You are reading this requested feature right here, right now. :-)

Simpsons Arcade Machine to PSN

Idea 48911 | Posted in , by | July 20, 2011

Maggie got kidnapped by Mr. Burns and family went to go save her. Is it possible to bring that back and put it on PSN? That was a fun fighting game back in the day.

The Simpsons Arcade Game arrived on PSN on February 7, 2012.

Storage of Game Saves Online

Idea 313 | Posted in , by | March 17, 2010

If we were able to keep all, copy protected saves included, online on the PSN it would make those of us who play on multiple systems happy. Plus it would offer backup in case of hard ware failure.

It was announced on March 9, 2011 that PlayStation Network’s new online storage for game saves feature will give PlayStation Plus subscribers the capability to back up game save data to the cloud.

New Avatars

Idea 213 | Posted in , by | March 17, 2010

Add more avatars or enable additional selections based on Trophy level.

We have released a total of 315 premium avatars and 17 avatar bundles since they first appeared on the PlayStation Store on December 22, 2009.

Team ICO Collection

Idea 963 | Posted in by | March 17, 2010

Give ICO and Shadow of the Colossus the GoW Collection treatment by ‘remastering’ both games for PS3 on a single Blu-ray.

The Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection was announced during Sony’s TGS 2010 keynote. It will be running in a solid 30 frames per second in HD with support for 3D.

More Remastered PS2 Titles

Idea 238 | Posted in by | March 17, 2010

Well, we saw how the GOW collection turned out and I would personally drop a few more dollars for other collections, such as ICO collection, Ratchet and Clank Collection or a Jak Collection.

PS2 titles such as The Sly Collection and Ico are now remastered. ,

Automatic Game Updates

Idea 1345 | Posted in by | March 17, 2010

The PS3 automatically searches for game updates and downloads them in the background.Therefore potentially avoiding the need to wait for several updates to download the next time you start up a game.

With a PlayStation Plus subscription, game updates and firmware updates can be downloaded automatically.

We want the Brazilian PSN!!!

Idea 3634 | Posted in by | March 18, 2010

Hello Sony…we want the Brazilian PSN now!!!!! Please.

On July 21, 2011, Brazil became the second country in Latin America to enjoy digital content from PlayStation Network with the launch of PlayStation Store on the PS3. Now PS3 users have access to the PlayStation Store to purchase and download nearly 200 pieces of digital content, including games, demos and PSone Classics, all without leaving the comfort of the living room couch.

***We simultaneously launched the PlayStation.Blog Brazil to report on all things PlayStation for that territory in Portuguese.***

Kevin Butler hosting the E3 Sony Press Conference!

Idea 1112 | Posted in , by | March 17, 2010

This needs to happen.

Kevin Butler was not only a huge presence at E3 2010, he stole the stage from Senior Vice President Peter Dille during the PlayStation E3 press conference. KB in da house!


Idea 1278 | Posted in by | March 17, 2010

This year the sony e3 press confrance should be streamed live in home, although last year the highlight were shown, its not the same.

During E3 2011, the PlayStation keynote was live streamed in Home.

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