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FAQ (Updated 05/20/2014)

Q: Why isn’t my idea submission showing up?

All Share idea submissions are first approved by a human operator before they enter the public database. Most likely, your idea submission duplicates or closely resembles a previously approved idea. In that case, vote for the original idea and note any fine distinctions in the comments section. We’re also less likely to publish ideas which are particularly unrealistic or unlikely.

Q: Does PlayStation read the ideas on Share?

Yes! Share is an important internal resource for SIEA.

Q: Why don’t you hurry up and implement my idea already?

Share is not intended to be a “to-do” list for PlayStation. Rather, it’s a public resource and reference point that helps internal SIEA employees survey interest and trends across various topics both large and small. If you feel that your idea deserves attention, the best thing you can do is encourage other users to vote for it and leave comments.

Q: Have you ever actually implemented an idea from Share?

While we don’t publicly disclose internal decision-making processes, Share continually tracks “Ideas in Action” – see the current numbers in action in the “Share Community Stats”listed to the right of the page.

Q: What exactly is PlayStation.Blog Share?

Think of “Share” as a virtual suggestion box for our business. It’s a place where:

  1. You can formally share your ideas about PlayStation products
  2. You can discover and vote for other people’s ideas that you like (or demote those you don’t)

Q: What types of ideas are you looking for?

We’re looking for *any* idea that will help make the PlayStation experience better, with an emphasis on PS4, PS Vita, and related services and accessories. Now’s your chance to be heard, so tell us what you’re thinking.

Q: How do I submit an idea?

Just fill out our idea submission form. Boom. You can find a tutorial on submitting an idea here.

Q: How many ideas can I submit?

One idea per week. Make it count. You can vote and comment to your hearts’ content, though.

Q: Why are ideas limited to 200 characters?

Some of the best ideas are actually the simplest, so for now we’re putting a character limit on idea submissions. If that becomes problematic or otherwise handicaps the spirit of Share, we’ll consider changing it.

Q: How do you calculate scores for leaderboard ranking?

Your total score is an aggregate measure. By that, we mean your total is reflective of both the ‘arrow up’ (positive) and ‘arrow down’ (negative) votes all of your ideas have received. For example, if one of your ideas has 20 votes total, but 10 are ‘up’ and 10 are ‘down’, your total score would be 0. But, if you have a second idea that has 20 total votes also and has 15 ‘up’ votes and 5 ‘down’, your total score would be 10. If you notice lag in the leaderboard following a growth in your aggregate measure, don’t worry. It may take a few minutes, but you’ll still hold your rightful place in the rankings.

Q: Will PlayStation employees be submitting ideas? Voting on ideas?

No. PlayStation employees and partners are not allowed to submit ideas or to vote for them.

Q: Why isn’t my idea showing up immediately?

Like blog comments, all idea submissions are moderated — partly for appropriateness and partly to avoid duplicate ideas. During normal work hours, if your idea is approved, it should appear fairly quickly. Ideas submitted over the weekend or a holiday will be held in moderation for a bit longer.

Q: What does PlayStation plan to do with my ideas?

Believe it or not, we plan to read them — all of them. We’ll of course look especially closely at those ideas that are generating the most discussion and votes.

Q: How long will an idea be eligible for votes?

Until we either implement the idea, or deem it impossible to otherwise act on it. If an idea just isn’t feasible, we’ll try to provide an explanation.

Q: Do I have to be in the U.S. to submit an idea?

Anyone with a PSN ID can submit an idea. Click here if you don’t already have one.

Q: Will other countries get their own local versions of Share?

This idea is currently under consideration. Did you submit it via Share?

Q: Who reads these ideas?

You and anyone else can read the submitted ideas and vote on them … but that’s probably not what you mean. At SIEA, ideas are read, first and foremost, by our Social Media team. From there, top ideas are forwarded (along with vote tallies and comments) to the teams that could, conceivably, take these ideas and turn them into something real.