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UDF Support for PS3, PS4 Firmware

Idea 74499 | Posted in , , by | June 20, 2014

PLEASE add support for mounting / reading UDF-formatted external devices to the PS3 & PS4. Linux, Windows, Macs, XBOXs all read UDF already.

Delete trophies with 0%

Idea 73195 | Posted in , by | May 20, 2014

There should be a way for you to delete trophies with 0% on all these free games I try out, that I never have any intention of playing again.

Update: With PS4 system software update 2.50 codenamed “Yukimura,” users can now hide Trophies with 0%.

Bring back HDMI-CEC

Idea 72874 | Posted in , by | May 20, 2014

Please bring back HDMI-CEC for all TV sets. Until a recent system update, turning on the PS3 would turn on my TV and change inputs. Sony has apparently restricted that feature to Bravia owners only.

Fox Sports App

Idea 73347 | Posted in , by | May 20, 2014

Not so much an idea as it is a question – any chance that the Fox Sports app will come to the PS3? I’d be very happy to download it!! Please make this happen!!

Dark Souls Avatars

Idea 73399 | Posted in , by | May 20, 2014

More avatars please. Especially from Dark Souls/Demon Souls

Install list manager

Idea 73413 | Posted in , by | May 20, 2014

I would like to see Install Program list, Example Game + ( ADDON/DLC installed) the + would open up to list those. Game (if NO ADDON/DLC no + is shown).

Wi-Fi Network Memory

Idea 73414 | Posted in , by | May 20, 2014

I was thinking in the next update for the PS3 firmware, y’all could add the simple feature to the programming of the console of it being able to memorize Wi-Fi passwords. Thad be awesome.