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Option to let everyone see my profile picture

Idea 73595 | Posted in , , by | May 22, 2014

As you guys know, only friends whom you revealed your real name to, can see your profile picture. Other friends see your avatar instead, my idea is an option to reveal your picture to everyone.

Offline Trophies

Idea 73613 | Posted in , by | May 22, 2014

Allow trophies to viewed in offline mode like PS3.

Viewing friends without going into friends section

Idea 73620 | Posted in , by | May 22, 2014

To view your friends, you have to go to friends and view the full list. i would like to be able to just hover over the friends section and scroll through the friends with the touchpad.

Trophy “ping” volume adjustable on PS4, Vita

Idea 73668 | Posted in , , by | May 22, 2014

Sometimes I can’t hear it and the Trophy sound is very special to me! I would like it to be louder if i prefer.

Optional DualShock 4 with asymmetrical sticks

Idea 73578 | Posted in , by | May 22, 2014

All my friends came from 360 like the PS4 but not the Dualshock 4. They need a pad with asymmetrical sticks or they are going back. over half your users came from 360 give them the option or risk losing them.

Support more resolutions/screen ratios on PS4

Idea 73573 | Posted in , by | May 22, 2014

Allowing PS4 to do the scaling to match a screen’s native resolution would improve the image quality on many types of displays, from 16:10 monitors, to “720p” TVs whose actual resolution is 1366×786.

PS4 themes: screenshot as background

Idea 73519 | Posted in , by | May 21, 2014

Change the background color of the home screen (blue, purple, red, orange, yellow, green, white, black, gray) or set a screenshot as the background image. Themes.

Custom themes for PS4

Idea 71561 | Posted in , by | May 21, 2014

There needs to be at least an option to change the color of the PS4s “Dynamic Menu.” Maybe we can see more in depth customization in the future.


Update: Custom Themes and background colors were included with PS4 system software update 2.00, codenamed “Masamune.”

PlayStation Camera AUX extension cable

Idea 71599 | Posted in , , by | May 21, 2014

Market an “AUX extension” for the PS4 camera. My PS4 sits about 16′ from my television. The camera I bought is useless to me. I need at least 5 meters of extension.

Control PS4 via mobile phone

Idea 71544 | Posted in by | May 21, 2014

The app could be connected to your PS4 via your IP address, Bluetooth but you will have to log in with your PSN for security.