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“Recently Purchased” sort option for PS4 Library.

Idea 84882 | Posted in , by | June 8, 2016

Currently, the library app only sort by “Name,” “Recently Used,” or “Install Date”. Being able to sort by “Purchase Date” would be useful in finding the newest games bought or used in the system.

Remove Betas, Demos, and Applications from Library

Idea 84901 | Posted in , by | June 8, 2016

Grant users the option to easily remove (or hide) demos and betas that are no longer active from our Libraries.

Translation in PlayStation messenger

Idea 84944 | Posted in , , , by | June 8, 2016

When sending messages on PlayStation, a translation option should be available. This enables users to be able to communicate with anyone anywhere any language quickly.

Personally Tailored Theme

Idea 84524 | Posted in , by | May 6, 2016

Unlike other ideas, this would allow for a personally tailored theme,
Let us upload: Image files for background, Music files for BGM
Let us edit: Glow intensity/color around icons, Key press sounds

Option to Adjust Gamma in System Settings

Idea 81151 | Posted in , by | September 25, 2015

If you have a monitor with an improper factory gamma and the game you’re playing doesn’t have a brightness setting you’re stuck. Now spending money on new monitor id rather spend on PS4 games.

Mono, wireless PS4 Bluetooth headset

Idea 78959 | Posted in , , by | May 25, 2015

PLEASE SONY! If you won’t allow any one-eared Bluetooth headsets to work w/my PS4 (which I would much rather prefer), @ THE VERY LEAST make one that I can buy! I HATE the wired & stereo headsets!

Party chat audio output to TV

Idea 78958 | Posted in , , by | May 25, 2015

When your in a party and you plug in your headphones with mic. That you have the option to get the sound over the tv speakers And still able to talk.

Persian language for PS4

Idea 79071 | Posted in , by | May 25, 2015

We need Persian language on PS4. Please create Persian language option for Persian language gamers (Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and other countries).

Message previews

Idea 79096 | Posted in , , by | May 25, 2015

Like the PS3, I want a preview of the messages we receive. Some messages are short so I want to be able read them entirely without having to pause our game.

Longer Share video captures

Idea 79104 | Posted in , , , by | May 25, 2015

Youtubers have trouble getting longer videos because 15 minute videos have to be spliced together at this moment and the only other option is to stream and save which lowers quality