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Saved Data Management: display online storage too

Idea 79111 | Posted in , , by | May 25, 2015

Application Saved Data Management does not tell me how much online storage I have nor provide links to increase online storage. Now I have to back out and go to the other locations to find those out.

Ability to swap X and O buttons

Idea 74750 | Posted in , , by | May 25, 2015

On my PS4 the X and O buttons do opposite things from what I’m used to previously. There should be a setting to swap the functions of these buttons so users can use whichever settings they prefer.

.PNG or Uncompressed 1080p Screenshot Support

Idea 74723 | Posted in , , by | May 25, 2015

Ever taken a screenshot only to find it looks half as good as it really does? PS4 needs uncompressed, or .PNG screenshot support

Viber Videochat for PS4

Idea 78015 | Posted in , , by | March 8, 2015

Many PS4 users would like to videochat friends using their TV and PlayStation Camera. Skype is owned by Microsoft but an alternative — like — would work!

Mute PS Camera on Per-Game Basis

Idea 78051 | Posted in , , by | March 8, 2015

Have an option for the PS4 camera to listen for commands while in system menus and media apps but mute mic during online gaming sessions. It’s tedious to manually mute/unmute when switching apps.

Independent Parental Controls per PS4 Profile

Idea 78038 | Posted in , by | March 8, 2015

Should be able to set Content restrictions for 1 sub account w/o affecting any other account on the console. As of now, if you change for 1 user, its a global change for the whole console.

Toggle PS4 Voice Commands

Idea 78110 | Posted in , by | March 8, 2015

Ability to hold the PS button, and an option appears to mute all voice chat until you turn it on again.

Support Bluetooth Speakers & Soundbars on PS4

Idea 78066 | Posted in , by | March 8, 2015

PS4 should support Bluetooth Audio speakers like tower speakers and soundbars. It already recognizes them just need them to work. Help out us college students using our pc monitors to play.

PS4 Recognizing USB Mics

Idea 78084 | Posted in , by | March 8, 2015

Update the PS4 so USB microphones are recognized as microphones not headsets. This way they can be selected as an input separate to what you are using.

Screen Mirroring Option in Remote Play

Idea 78099 | Posted in , , by | March 8, 2015

Make a screen mirroring option in Remote Play on Vita. Use the Vita only as the viewing screen while playing the PS4 game using the DS4. Vita controls and dimming disabled.