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Line app for PS Vita

Idea 73932 | Posted in , , by | June 5, 2014

Line is like a phone service that lets you call and send text messages for free! Please think about it

PS4 podcast app or integration

Idea 73842 | Posted in , , by | June 5, 2014

People like to listen not only to music but also podcast while they play games. I think a dedicated podcast app would be preferable but integration in Music Unlimited or Music app could also work.

Ultraviolet / Flixster App

Idea 73742 | Posted in , by | June 5, 2014

Due to the Americas and Europe having digital movie codes with movies it would be good if these were playable on PS3/PS4/PS Vita.

Watch ABC App for PS4

Idea 73824 | Posted in , by | May 28, 2014

It would be great if there was a version of the Watch ABC app available for the PS4. The app is available for iDevices, Windows 8, etc. PS4 would be great!

PS4 “Turn off notifications during video” option

Idea 73821 | Posted in , by | May 28, 2014

A checkbox is needed to disable pop-up notifications while watching videos in apps like Netflix, Hulu+, etc… App

Idea 73758 | Posted in , by | May 28, 2014

I would like a Twitch App so we can watch our subscribers and keep better track of our twitch shows on the PS4.

Share factory! Hub

Idea 73649 | Posted in , by | May 22, 2014

Something like little big planets ability to search created levels, I would really enjoy to search for peoples created videos, and vote on which ones I like the most.

Skype for PS4

Idea 73575 | Posted in , , by | May 22, 2014

This would be great addition for people who want to play games and chat with others who don’t own one.

Netflix in Europe

Idea 73566 | Posted in , by | May 22, 2014

We could really use a Netflix app for the PS vita in Europe!

Stitcher or audio podcast app for PS4

Idea 73590 | Posted in , , by | May 22, 2014

I love to listen to podcasts like the PlayStation Blogcast while I’m playing a multiplayer match. How about a Stitcher or audio podcast application for the PS4?