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Digital trade-ins

Idea 79030 | Posted in , by | May 25, 2015

Why not have a trade in system to have for digital games? Trade in towards games, get rewards points for the games, they get playstation credit, Review for trade-ins

PS Store Preloading before Sunday

Idea 78861 | Posted in , by | April 28, 2015

Games are getting bigger and preloading it should happen quicker. Preload times should start sooner than just two days before the game comes out. Maybe a week prior to release?

PS2 Theme for PS4

Idea 78086 | Posted in , by | March 8, 2015

I want the ability to use the PS2 theme on my PS4.

This retro theme should have been included anyway. Come on Sony.

$2.99 is worth it.

Library App for PS Vita

Idea 77782 | Posted in , , by | February 16, 2015

I love the PS4 Library app. It works well. With limited memory, I would love this app on my Vita. Using the download list is a pain, because that includes PS3, PS4, DLC and everything else.

Separate PS4 Library From Download List

Idea 77777 | Posted in , , , , by | February 16, 2015

The point of the library is to have only what we want in it, not everything we ever downloaded. Separate the library from the download list, so we can delete the games/apps that are no longer needed.

PS Store: Show Friends Who Own a Game

Idea 77832 | Posted in , by | February 16, 2015

It would be nice if, when you’re browsing a game on the PlayStation Store, they’d tell you if any of your friends already own the game so you can ask them if they recommend it.

Store List Revert to Last Location After Viewing Product

Idea 77256 | Posted in , by | January 11, 2015

Product lists currently reset to the top after backing-out of viewing an individual title’s page; the list should resume from its previous location when returning from an individual product view.

Streamline ‘Add to Cart’ on PS Store

Idea 77255 | Posted in , by | January 11, 2015

I’d like to be able to press a button while in the Grid & List views of the PlayStation Store to add products to my cart; this would greatly streamline the shopping experience.

Golf channel app

Idea 77288 | Posted in , , , by | January 10, 2015

I would like PS4 to get a golf channel app, it would be popular

Sub accounts should have dedicated wallets

Idea 77295 | Posted in , by | January 10, 2015

So they can’t take money they aren’t allowed to from the master account, because they might not be allowed the money in the spending limit each month.