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This War of Mine for PS4

Idea 77307 | Posted in , by | January 10, 2015

Bring this game to the PS4 platform! I’m sure many of us would enjoy it.

Specific Download Periods for PS4

Idea 77334 | Posted in , , , , by | January 10, 2015

Set specific hours of the day when things are downloaded. Good for downloading at night to free up download speeds during the day or downloading during unlimited periods some ISP’s offer. Like PS3!

Longer Video Unlimited Movie Rentals

Idea 76276 | Posted in , , by | October 19, 2014

Currently the Movie rental time is 24 hours, for about $6-$7. My idea is to increase it to 2-3 days to compete with other services such as Fetch Tv or Foxtel.

Unlimited Streaming Subscription for PSNow

Idea 76247 | Posted in , by | October 19, 2014

Allow customers to agree to a monthly payment in exchange for unlimited streaming of any game of choice, instead of having one time rental fees for each separate game.

Reduced Price PS Now Rentals for Digital Game Owners

Idea 76239 | Posted in , , by | October 19, 2014

I want use PS Now on my Vita, but renting a game I already own irks me. Can you offer a free rental for PlayStation Store digital game owners (as a tie-in to being a PS+ member maybe) or offer a price break?

Ability to Delete Game Install, But Keep DLC

Idea 76238 | Posted in , , , by | October 19, 2014

We should be able to delete a game and keep the updates and DLCs. If I want to play later I don’t have to download updates and DLCs, just install from BD. it’ll save bandwidth and reduce waiting.

Fullscreen HD trailers on PS Store

Idea 74573 | Posted in , by | September 26, 2014

Why do we have to watch game trailers in a tiny screen in the PS store! This should be changed so we can actually watch the trailers in full screen. It’s only logical.

Managing Download list

Idea 74412 | Posted in , by | July 26, 2014

There needs to a way to manage, sort (name and type) and optionally hide or even delete irrelevant items from a Download List. I have a long download list that is hard to find what I want to download.

Remove $150 Limit for Playstation Wallet

Idea 75310 | Posted in , by | July 26, 2014

Some like to fill their wallets in intervals instead of funding it each purchase, i.e. if you get PSN cards as a gift, any remaining past the cap would have to be kept, which is inconvenient.

Community Voted Classic Games

Idea 74641 | Posted in , by | June 20, 2014

It would be nice if there were a platform where the community could have their say on which games from the PS1 and PS2 eras could be put on the playstation store.