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Buy Option for PS Plus games

Idea 74612 | Posted in , by | June 20, 2014

I wish there could be the option to buy a PS Plus game as a PS Plus user in case I do not wish to continue with the service, I still can play the game or be able to buy PS Plus games during sales.

PS Store: Co-op Games Section

Idea 74596 | Posted in , by | June 20, 2014

Why is there no sub-menu that lists ALL current and / or coming local co-op games? It would make my purchases easier and I’m willing to bet others would appreciate such a menu in the store as well.

Allow User to Change PSN Account Region

Idea 74458 | Posted in , by | June 20, 2014

Allow change once every three months .

Digital loyalty program

Idea 74144 | Posted in , by | June 5, 2014

It’s like ‘Pay $50, get $10 back,’ but permanent. There could be other rewards, like some extra weeks of PS+ after spending a certain amount in a certain time. Perfect to push digital sales!

PS Camera voucher code redemption

Idea 74121 | Posted in , , , , by | June 5, 2014

Use the camera to scan PSN redeem codes so we don’t have to type them in.

Ability to purchase PS Plus games

Idea 74119 | Posted in , by | June 5, 2014

I would like to have the ability to buy outright, games that I already own through PSPlus – currently this is only possible once your subscription expires.

Buy downloadable games in retail stores

Idea 74096 | Posted in , by | June 5, 2014

Step 1: Buy download game in-store.
Step 2: Enter redeem code (on app or console).
Step 3: Game starts downloading before you get home (if using app).

Reselling digital games

Idea 74042 | Posted in , by | June 5, 2014

Bought a game through the PS store. Wanna resell it? Choose ‘Resell’ in the PS store and it generates a code for you to sell.

Written user reviews in PlayStation Store

Idea 73892 | Posted in , by | June 5, 2014

Allow users the option to write written reviews for PSN store products.
Limited to purchasers, as usual.

Credit Original Request: User reviews for Items in PSN store
by Marauderxt | April 6, 2010

Kickstarter section for PlayStation Store

Idea 73730 | Posted in , by | May 22, 2014

Adding Kickstarter section to PlayStation Store would help developers get more exposure for their Kickstarter projects. An explanation of how Kickstarter works before donating would be mandatory.