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Message Notification for Party Text Chat

Idea 77493 | Posted in , , , by | July 6, 2016

Currently users do not receive notifications for text messages within Party Chat when in-game. Please add this feature to PS4 — PS3 has it already.

Keep the patches, delete the game.

Idea 84847 | Posted in , by | June 8, 2016

Allow users to keep patches saved to their hard drives after deleting games to simplify system storage management for disc-based games.

Translation in PlayStation messenger

Idea 84944 | Posted in , , , by | June 8, 2016

When sending messages on PlayStation, a translation option should be available. This enables users to be able to communicate with anyone anywhere any language quickly.

Multiple Primary Systems on PS4

Idea 83900 | Posted in , , by | March 30, 2016

As it is the case with all other PlayStation devices, please allow us to activate at least two PS4 systems with one account for easier management of our content between consoles we own.

PS4 YouTube Multitasking

Idea 81137 | Posted in , , by | September 25, 2015

Would like to be able to watch YouTube and play games simultaneously in a split screen or large/small screen option.

Make Parties Larger than 8

Idea 81127 | Posted in , by | September 25, 2015

Can you extend the party size to 12-16?

Amazon Music Player

Idea 77869 | Posted in , , by | May 25, 2015

Ability to stream purchased music or Prime playlists from Amazon would be a great option for PS4 users.

Mini menu for PS4 multiplayer management

Idea 78004 | Posted in , , by | May 25, 2015

Please add a small menu for when you press the ps button press once so it shows just friends, messages, share play, party etc. And then twice for the full dashboard.

Scheduling game events

Idea 74752 | Posted in , , by | May 25, 2015

Now that the friends list has been increased to 2000, It would be nice to be able schedule gaming events and send out invites which would start in the party chat and transition into a game.

Request to watch a friend’s game

Idea 78142 | Posted in , by | May 25, 2015

Go on a profile and click an option called Watch game. User gets a notification that you want to watch and with the press of a button they could instantly start a livestream with default settings.