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Custom Buttons for Remote Play

Idea 78088 | Posted in , by | March 8, 2015

Use an app to personalize buttons for ANY game using Remote Play on PS Vita. 10 templates for touchscreen/panel layouts to be mapped to.

Library App for PS Vita

Idea 77782 | Posted in , , by | February 16, 2015

I love the PS4 Library app. It works well. With limited memory, I would love this app on my Vita. Using the download list is a pain, because that includes PS3, PS4, DLC and everything else.

Bring Over Japan’s PS Vita Themes

Idea 77301 | Posted in , by | January 10, 2015

Since update 3.30 in October, there have been only two game-based themes added. Japan has gotten plenty, like Soul Sacrifice and Freedom Wars, but us? Nope. Please bring them over and make more!

PS Vita Home Menu Icons Extra Settings

Idea 77309 | Posted in , by | January 10, 2015

1: How many bubbles can be on each individual screen (roughly double of what it is now)
2: The orientation of the Icons beyond the 10 ‘slots’
3: The option to Hide certain bubbles that are not used.

Enable Deleting of DLC Files Via PS Vita

Idea 77353 | Posted in , by | January 9, 2015

Whether to save space or return to a working game, allow users to delete unwanted or broken DLC via PS VIta rather than connecting to available PC or waiting for developers to patch the problem.

Delete Individual PS Vita Saves

Idea 76505 | Posted in , by | November 15, 2014

Add the ability to access and delete individual save files without having to uninstall the entire game file through the content manager.

PS Vita App/Game Sorting

Idea 76059 | Posted in , by | September 26, 2014

I have a good amount of Vita games and like to sort them alphabetically. Getting a new game, I have to manually organize them again. ‘Sort by: all of your live screen sections, or one at a time’

PS Vita: Backup Card-Based Saves

Idea 74427 | Posted in , by | July 26, 2014

There are quite a lot of games which don’t require a memory card as they store their saves on the cart itself and there is no way to back them up which makes the CMA backup/copy utility kinda useless.

Remote Play For PS4 Splitscreen

Idea 74475 | Posted in , , by | July 23, 2014

When playing co-op on PS4 then PS Vita could be used as a display for a second player instead of both players playing split-screen on one TV.

More PSP Game Bundles

Idea 74262 | Posted in , by | June 20, 2014

There should be more bundles like the Secret Agent Clank and Daxter $15 bundle. This would really provide more accessibility to the PSP back catalog available on the vita.

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